read acts with us

As Rusty leads us through the "Uncharted" sermon series, Jason will be providing weekly videos that encourage deeper study through the book of Acts. 

Just read 4 chapters of Acts every week to keep up and use the questions at the end for journal prompts or discussion with friends/family.



We know God desires for us to be in a growing, relationship with Him that goes beyond Sunday mornings. We've put together some resources that we've found helpful and we hope you'll appreciate them, too. 

RightNow Media

This website is described as the “Netflix of Bible studies.” Search for theme-based content, videos for small groups, books of the Bible, kids’ content and more. The church has a membership that extends to you, too- for free! Email to get set up.

The Bible Project

This non-profit organization has created tons of content to help people read and understand the Bible better. You’ll find overviews over every book of the Bible, topical videos, and word study in a creative and captivating perspective.

YouVersion Bible

YouVersion was one of the very first apps ever created and has grown into a huge platform for Bible reading around the world. Thousands of translations are made available in different languages along with reading plans to help you engage with the text. You can also create prayer lists for journaling or to share with friends.

Dwell Bible app

Listen to scripture throughout your day with the Dwell app. The app is $29.99/year, but it’s a useful tool for people who want to engage with the Bible in a different way.