We encourage you to engage in real life & faith conversations with people who you already have relationships with, whether it’s friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Choose a few questions from the list we've compiled to help you get started.



  1. What was the best part of your week so far?  What was something that created a challenge?
  2. What would your perfect day look like?
  3. If you were giving someone a tour of your hometown, where would you show them and why is it significant?
  4. What’s something you want to do that you have never done before?
  5. What is your favorite way to spend your free time?
  6. At what time of day are you at your best?
  7. Where is your favorite place in the world?
  8. What is your favorite snack to eat on a road trip?
  9. What is the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?
  10. What is one quality you wish the world had more of?
  11. Who is your favorite person?
  12. If you had to eat the same food every day, what would it be?
  13. What is the last thing that made you laugh?
  14. What is something you’ve done recently that you are proud of?
  15. Who would you call if you’re going through a hard time?
  16. What is your most valued quality in a friend?
  17. Tell us an embarrassing story about yourself.
  18. What is one unusual quirk you have?
  19. What is a recurring dream you’ve had?
  20. What are 3 things or activities that give you life?
  21. What’s something in your house you want to get rid of but can’t?
  22. What is the biggest way you've changed since you were a child? In what way are you still the same?
  23. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
  24. What is something other people love that you don’t like at all?
  25. What is one favorite activity from childhood that you wish you could do now?
  26. What is a unique role you have in your family?
  27. How are you doing, really?
  28. What is a hard earned lesson from your life?


  1. What are the easy, uncomplicated things that you’re thankful for this season?
  2. What are some of the more unexpected or surprising gifts of this past year?
  3. Even in the midst of gratitude, is there something you’re longing for?
  4. Is there someone you need to show appreciation for this week?  Who would that be and why?



  1. What is a lie you are fighting not to believe?
  2. What is something you feel like quitting?
  3. What is something that you are learning right now?
  4. Who in your life has helped you grow in your faith?
  5. What is something you wish you could let go of?
  6. Do you feel peaceful right now?  Why or why not?
  7. What is the biggest struggle you’ve ever faced?
    Name some people who have been influential mentors in your life.
  8. Who has changed your life for the better?
  9. What is one thing we don't know about you that you think we should know?
  10. What is taking up most of your time in life right now?
  11. Did you ever feel pressure to take a certain path in life?  Did you choose to follow that path?
  12. Was there a time you felt the need to stand up against authority?
  13. Are you someone who can accept advice, or do you mostly need to experience it yourself?
  14. If life were to end now, would you be happy with what you’ve done in life until now?
  15. Do you think regrets can be a good thing?
  16. What are you most proud of from this past year?
  17. Where did you see God show up over the last year?
  18. In what areas of life do you need a fresh start?
  19. What is one thing you hope stays the same in the next year?



  1. Have your friendships changed in the past several years?  In what ways?
  2. Finish this sentence:  I hesitate to open up when ________.
  3. Do you ever feel expectations from others that you cannot live up to?
  4. How has busyness impacted your relationships?  What do you wish was different?  
  5. What are 2-3 things you do every week that you could invite someone to be a part of to build community into your life?
  6. Do you have any opinions or beliefs that differ from your family?
  7. What group of people do you feel most passionate about helping?
  8. What tends to be your first reaction when conflict comes up?
  9. What is one thing that keeps you from being truly authentic with others?


Getting to Know God

  1. Who is God to you?  What do you feel when you think about Him?
  2. Which characteristics of God are comforting to you? Are there any that are intimidating to you?  Why or why not?
  3. What keeps you from spending time with God and getting to know Him more? What’s one thing you can do this week to overcome that?
  4. How has prayer affected your life?  What does it look like in your life right now?
  5. Do you ever feel like God is silent?  When you struggle to feel close to God, what do you know to be true?
  6. How comfortable are you with the Bible?
  7. What is something you’d like to study more about?
  8. How have you seen the effects of sin and brokenness in your own life?
  9. What things do you look to for comfort and peace?
  10. Is there anything holding you back from fully trusting God?  If so, what is it?
  11. How would you describe your relationship with God?
  12. What makes you feel closer to God?
  13. What problems or dissatisfaction have you been trying to fix on your own?
  14. How has God changed your faith in circumstances where your situation didn’t change?
  15. In what area is God calling you to repentance?
  16. What are you learning about God and yourself right now?
  17. Is it easy for you to see God as a loving father?  Why or why not?
  18. What do you need prayer for the most?
  19. Where are you seeing God work in your life right now?


Growing in Your Faith

  1. Who is God showing you to extend more love and grace to?
  2. Describe a life changing moment (positive or negative).  How did it redefine your sense of identify and purpose?
  3. If you could do anything for God and you were not afraid, what would you do?
  4. Where does it feel risky to give God control? 
  5. What are you most anxious or worried about right now?
  6. Is it hard to believe God is always with you?  Have you always felt that way? Why or why not?
  7. What is something you could celebrate about someone in your group that they may not acknowledge on their own?
  8. What tends to be your biggest barrier to consistency in your faith?
  9. What would it look like for you to take your individual gifts and personality and use it for God’s purpose?
  10. Name a time someone held you accountable for something and how it impacted you.
  11. What would it look like in your life to have accountability?  How would it benefit you?
  12. How has your pride gotten in the way of your growth?
  13. Do you find it difficult to be at church consistently? What has helped and hurt your efforts?
  14. Do you find a chance to rest very often?  What does sabbath rest look like for you?
  15. What wrong motivations do you struggle with when serving others?
  16. What are some things that have prevented you from serving others in the past?
  17. What is a spiritual tradition you have or have wanted?
  18. What prayer have you been praying the longest?  
  19. As you grow older, what is one quality you hope to retain?
  20. When was a time when someone showed you a deep compassion/love like Jesus?


Sharing Your Faith

  1. What are your spheres of influence? (city, workplace, home, etc). What are the most pressing needs you see?
  2. What would you miss out on if you didn't invest in relationships?
  3. What keeps you from sharing God with other people?
  4. Do you feel qualified to disciple someone?  Why or why not?
  5. What is one thing you’ve learned about God through your experiences that other people might need to hear?