Come, Lord Jesus
“Yes, I am coming soon.” —Jesus
“Amen! Come, Lord Jesus.” Revelation 22:20
Waiting, waiting, waiting— then suddenly it’s time! Christmas. Light shines in darkness. Angels, shepherds, stars, all of it.
When Jesus put on flesh to dwell among us it was all that and more. It changed the world. Time has been marked ever since as before, or after the coming of Christ.
Christmas is sometimes called ‘advent.’ It’s a coming. The the start of something new. A beginning. Think of a grand adventure.
The first coming, and the second coming of Jesus are both like that.
When John describes it in the last chapters of Revelation, it’s like he’s scrambling to get it all on paper, ‘I saw…, then I saw…, then I heard. An angel showed me…LOOK!’
So much waiting, then suddenly!
Every kid who has waited for Christmas knows that feeling. And so do you. What if the God who loves you so crazy much—who adopted you into His family, and knows you so well— what if He said, “It’s time!”
Time for you to receive His gift, to come home to His heart. Time for you to see, and hear, and know Him.
I LOVE Being Your Pastor!