The Gift of God

‘Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.’ 2 Timothy 1:6

I found six bottles of Old Spice cologne in my kitchen cabinet. The Christmas party was over, the White Elephant gift exchange was a blast. But finding the cologne in the cupboard led to a new rule—“Whatever you get, You have to take it with you…’

Have you ever gotten a gift that you just put away and forgot about? I’ve had some gifts that I haven’t treasured—didn’t even realize they were gifts until later on. Some I only saved to re-gift someday.

Paul told Timothy to ‘fan into flame the gift of God that is in you.’ Apparently, some of the gifts were in danger of burning out, or wasting away.

The word from God this Sunday is RECEIVE. Take, and treasure what God has given you—is giving you. God knows the ‘good and perfect gift’ for you like no one else. He loves you so much.


I LOVE Being Your Pastor!