No More Excuses

“Do you want to get well?”—Jesus

“Sir, I have no one to help me…Someone always goes down ahead of me…’—Paralyzed man

(John 5:6-7) 

One more message about what we give up… in order to take up… our place in the BELOVED. We’re getting our hearts ready for Easter… We’re giving up bluster, substitutes, empty religion, empty relationships, but ultimately I have to give up my excuses for why I’m not the man I want to be—that God wants me to be.

That’s what we’re going to be worshiping around this Sunday. John 5 and John 9 offer portraits of two helpless people who come up with very different answers to the questions—'Who is Jesus to me?’, and ‘What’s my next move?

I LOVE You, and I LOVE Being Your Pastor! Rusty