There’s a true-ism that says you pretty much find what you’re looking for in life. I know it’s popular right now to complain about how lousy life has been in 2020, but the fact is—it’s just life.

Some things are hard—really hard for some people. But life has been hard before. In the midst of it all, if you look for the hand of God—you can find it.

We are within the last few weeks before entering our new church home. As we approach Thanksgiving 2020, I’d like us to learn from the life of Nehemiah.

Within the first page of his book, Nehemiah is described as sad, deeply troubled, and afraid. He was a 3rd generation exile. The life he lived was virtual slavery. But there’s a line that frames his life that I want to hold on to.

Takeaway line: ‘The gracious hand of my God was upon me…’
(Nehemiah 2:8)