Oaks of Righteousness is an intense discipleship ministry designed to help those who struggle with wounds or sins of the past: survivors of various forms of abuse, bondages, or addictions, those who have difficulty trusting and engaging in relationships, and those who desire a closer relationship with God. This class is also recommended to anyone interested in ministering to others, and those who serve in any level of church leadership.  Everyone can benefit from the principles and methods learned through this ministry.

The ultimate goal in the class is to bring people to a greater understanding and knowledge of God as their Father. With this revelation comes the ability to break addictions, break spiritual bondages, restore identity, break insecurities, and grow in relationships with themselves, God, and others.  As you seek and embrace God during this 10-week, 20 session course, you will experience a biblical approach to spiritual healing.  

The leadership team of Oaks of Righteousness have been trained to share the teaching and ministry methods that have helped them in their personal lives and relationships.  In fact, they consider it a privilege to share in the many lives that have been changed through this ministry.  Those who participate in this ministry believe that God will bless all who submit themselves to God while going through this class.  

The method modeled during each individual's personal ministry time will help identify the various spiritual bondages that hinder us; unconfessed sins, unforgiveness, unbelief, pride, shame, wounds of rejection, curses, vows and judgments. During these times you will be coached in how to apply the redemption of the cross to these bondages.

As a classroom study, we utilize several resources to bring considerable healing through the following studies:

  • The Divine Plumbline video series by Dr. Bruce Thompson (teaching and ministry)
  • Living in the Freedom of the Spirit (text book by Tom Marshall)
  • In-Class Teachings on: Spiritual Bondages, Forgiveness, Relinquishment, Vows, Curses and Judgments, Shame and Self-Pity, and Performance Orientation
  • Breaking Soul Ties (teaching and ministry)
  • The Father Heart of God (teaching and ministry) 
  • The Blessing (teaching and ministry)
  • Renewing the mind (staff teaching on belief systems and personal application)
  • The Fear of the Lord Proverbs study (weekly devotion)
  • Scripture Meditation and Homework(weekly)

Class fee is $50 per student and financial assistance is available



Created and Directed by:

Pastoral Care & Prayer Pastors

Gary and Carla Heese



Currently led by:

Jackie Diercks