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One of the things that you’ll pretty quickly realize as a follower of Jesus is that there are periods of discouragement and dryness when it comes to your faith in the Lord. But this is not unique to us today. In fact, we see this over and over again with different individuals throughout the Bible. But what may surprise you is that we see discouragement with the apostle Paul. In Acts 18, Paul is on his 2nd missionary journey. It’s been hard and stressful and it appears he is about to give up. But at that moment the Lord comes to Paul and gently encourages him with a promise and reminds Paul of the Lord’s mission for his life. But what we see here doesn’t only apply to Paul, it applies to each of us today. Each of us that may be discouraged and on the brink of giving up. Hope to see you Sunday at either 9:30am or 11am – please pre-register, wear your mask, and social distance as we continue to love each other well. In addition, the message will be available on Sunday morning at 9:30am if you aren’t able to join us in-person.