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They devoted themselves… Everyone was filled with awe… They were all together…’   Acts 2:42-44

Sometimes church is the loneliest place of all. It shouldn’t be that way. It was never meant to be that way. In fact, it goes against everything Christianity is about

.Jesus came to be ‘God with us.’ Being in relationship with Him makes us uniquely qualified to ‘be with’ each other. And that is the very thing that our Enemy fears the most.

Fear, shame, and pretending separate us. But what if we could find a place where fear and shame can be released—where dreams can be shared and encouraged? That’s what we are supposed to be about! We are a family, a fellowship, a Kingdom.

Let’s explore that this Sunday as we worship. Read Acts 13-19:20 to help prepare your heart for worship. Also, meditate on Romans 12:9-18.

Pray through these three questions.

·        Have you ever been part of something bigger than yourself?

·        Have you ever been known and understood?

·        Have you ever been there for someone else?

We want you to think seriously about your relationship with Jesus, your commitment to growing in the faith, your place with other believers, your gifts, and how you will give back. Come ready to hear from God, and respond.

I LOVE Being Your Pastor!