James 2:1-13
God's Impartiality

When we think of the attributes of God, His divine nature and characteristics, we usually think of such things as He is holy and righteous, He is all powerful, all  knowing, and present everywhere. We think of His changelessness, His eternal nature, His sovereignty, His justice, and we’ve experienced His perfect grace, love, mercy, faithfulness, and goodness. But another attribute of God that is not thought or spoken of so often is His impartiality. Yet this is a recurring theme throughout Scripture. God is absolutely impartial in His dealings with people. We know this because we all fall short of the glory of God; yet He loves us! We all start on the outside looking in.

As we continue our series in the book of James, looking at chapter 2, verses 1-13,  we see how God intends for us to live out our Christian walk. He expects us to be impartial showing no favoritism loving our neighbor as ourself.


In His Service,