James 1:19-27
Listening & Doing

We’ve all probably been guilty of listening to someone, but not really hearing what they are saying to us. One of the ways we often know that we weren’t truly listening, is because they may have asked us to do something and we didn’t get it done. 


So often, though, this experience doesn’t just apply to our personal relationships but also our relationship with the Lord. We don’t always hear what God is saying to us through his Word. And at times, not only do we not listen; we can often fail to put into practice what he has asked of us. 


In this message, we look at James 1:19-27, this is the concern of James – that we are not just hearers, but doers of the Word. 


I encourage you, as we go through this series, to continue to read though this great little book to get more and more familiar with James and the main themes.