We’re trying to lay a foundation for the future in our new church home. For the last couple of weeks, people have prayer-walked every room—every square inch—of the new place! Last week, worship leaders began to saturate the whole place in worship and praise! Today (Dec. 27), we will begin a Scripture-Reading that will take us all the way through the Bible from beginning to end! YOU ARE INVITED! There’s something in my heart that says we need to hear God’s Word before filling the place with OUR words. So, we're saturating the new sanctuary with scripture and prayer. We'll begin in Genesis and read through the Bible continuously until we finish Revelation. It should take about three days. You can find a signup form on our website (www.fbcplattecity.com) to claim your spot in this great endeavor. We will have the building open around the clock from 8:00 Sunday morning until we’ve finished the last word of the Revelation. In the future, you can look back on this time and know that you were part of laying this important foundation for all that God has in mind to do in our new church home. I LOVE You, and I LOVE Being Your Pastor! Rusty