2024 has a lot in store for all of us. 

Whether your year ahead looks like joy, chaos, grief, frustration, or something in between, we know the answer for life to the full is Jesus. 

That's why we're taking a deep dive into Matthew's retelling of Jesus' life and we want to invite you into it with us, too. 

Beginning in January, we're going to read 1 chapter of Matthew each day. In February, we'll start over at chapter 1 and do it again. Then in March, a third time. 

Sometimes we read the Bible in large chunks but this time we're slowing down to really consider what God wants us to understand about Jesus' way of life. 

We hope you will, too. 

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Dwell is a subscription-based audio Bible app with many translations and voices. Through our subscription, we can offer you free access. 

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Want to know more?

Reading each chapter will only take a few minutes per day. If you'd like to study more about the text, consider choosing a commentary to read alongside of the chapter. We recommend "Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in Matthew" by David Platt. After each section, you'll find helpful reflection and discussion questions. 

You can find used options online or buy new. 

Exalting Jesus in Matthew

We know reading the Bible can be intimidating. Whether you need help picking out a Bible or you have questions about what to read, we're here! 

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