When did God become personal to you?

“God became truly personal to me far too late in life.

Growing up in the church and being baptized at a younger age, I was brought up with the understanding of where I wanted to be and how it was meant for me to get there. Then, the loss of both my parents at pivotal points in my life as a teenager allowed me to take that understanding for granted. Making my own path in whichever direction I wanted led to an ultimatum within my own life to either continue my own way or to go with God. But I needed God's help to choose correctly. Two people made the decision to rescue me from my own chains. There was no clear reason for them and it wasn't easy. If these people could do such a selfless act for me, then why was I acting so selfish to the rest of the world? I was shown the love of God when I truly felt I didn't deserve it, which is when I needed it the most. That day was truly a turning point, and one I will always be grateful for. I try to live each day showing that love to others; though it isn't always easy, I try to remind myself of the love that was shown to me when it wasn't easy. God is great.”

-Todd Gee