Compassion means "to suffer with."

How have you been shown compassion?

“Ross went in for a normal EGD and we were confronted with the fact he might have cancer. A time was set for a procedure that would give us the answer. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was cancer and the tumor was to be removed. That was 7 years and two cancers ago. We are still in awe of the compassion that people show us. We know that prayers are being lifted for us constantly & have felt God’s presence as we face tests, procedures, surgery, doctors, hospitals and a transplant. The compassion shown to us has taken many forms. It comes in the form of…

sincere hugs when people see us

emails, calls, kind words and even a text at 5 am, just checking to see “how are you doing?”

family stepping up and helping,

a hospital waiting room so full of family and friends we had to be moved to a separate room,

cards, too many to count. A birthday card party that needed its own box when we came home,

a child’s hand drawn pictures that we put up on the refrigerator, another’s handmade book,

a care package filled with books, goodies and games,

visits from Church family members, even in Houston

a simple tap on the shoulder at a Houston church, from strangers who are now good friends, when we were away from home seeking treatment. 

These acts of compassion let us know that people were alongside of us during our most difficult times, providing God’s love and support. It makes this journey so much easier.” 

Ross & Bobbie Seten