Describe someone who influenced you in your relationship with Christ

God is timely. The people that have influenced me at different times in my life would be my Uncle Dave, my good friend Pat from Edmond, Oklahoma, and Chris Patterson.

I stayed with my Uncle and his family when I got my first job out of college. It wasn’t that we talked a lot about God, it was how they role modeled what a Christian does throughout the day within their family and the community. The year I lived with them was the first time I realized there was a different way to live and that walking with Christ had meaning. Of course, I didn’t make any real changes but a seed was planted.

About 10 years later my friend, Pat, was driving a mini van with his wife and her mother when he lost control and his mother-in-law was thrown from the van and killed. He started going to church and talking to me about the Bible. We both expressed how we had a greater peace about our lives when we read the Bible. I wanted more of God in my life but didn’t have the support at that time here in Missouri to keep it up.

It wasn’t until several years later when I met my wife, Whitney, and her friends Chris and Jan Patterson that the pieces came together. As many of you know, Chris is someone that is always willing to listen and answer the tough questions about Christ and faith. He is my go to guy and with Jan they role model a strong Christian relationship. Their relationship has given me a great understanding of what started my search almost 30 years ago.

-Ron Webster