When  has God asked you to step outside your comfort zone?

“Attending church as a youth was hit and miss at best. My parents were not anti-God but church, praying, reading the Bible, and learning about Jesus were not a priority in our home. I wanted to believe in God, but I feared being around people who were strong in their faith because of my lack of knowledge.  

As I grew up, I became interested in science. I studied science in college and eventually became a science teacher. I hid behind my knowledge of science because that was my comfort zone. I told myself and others that the Bible was one of the greatest fictional stories of all time. After all, scientific evidence showed the real story. Interestingly enough, when things got tough, I would ask God for help 'just in case' it was true. For most of my life, I stumbled around doing things my way. I didn’t do that well. (Shocking, right?) I found myself divorced and lost. Then God put Christi in my life. God was forcing me out of my comfort zone.  

From the first time I met Christi, she told me that she would not be in a relationship with anyone who did not share her faith. I was open to believing but I needed to justify this faith 'thing' with my science background. God sent an army. Christi and a large number of people from her parents’ Sunday School class sent me books to read. They even went behind my back and prayed for me. A lot. Soon my heart was changed. What once was outside of my comfort zone became my comfort zone. I am now saved but I still find that God often pushes me out of my comfort zone, and that is what pushes me to be a better Christian.”