Compassion means "to suffer with." 

How have you been shown compassion?

“First off I'd like to take a moment to thank God for another day clean & sober, for with Him anything is possible . I am a recovering addict. There’s been so many times when I felt alone & defeated, like I had no way out and nobody to turn to for help. When I was in active addiction it was painful & dark. I'll never forget a time when I was ready to turn my life around & wanted so desperately to live in Gods will once again. 

I was in a treatment facility in 2011 trying to save my life. My brother & my wife came to see me & brought me a Bible. At that moment, I didn't wanna face Christ & ask for forgiveness. I was still not ready to turn over my life to Jesus Christ. I put the Bible in my dresser drawer & put a picture of my wife and kids in front of it. That night, a young man from New Jersey got out of detox & they put him in my room. He wasn't sure what side I had so he'd opened up my dresser and taken out the Bible. He introduced himself to me & asked if I was a believer, and if I had been reaching out to Christ. I said I was a believer but hadn't been praying at all and that day had been really bad for me because I missed my family but still had 16 more days left to complete the program. I was desperate for some kind of peace and was just suffering. 

He could tell I wasn't doing good at all & grabbed my Bible & asked if I would kneel with him to ask God for forgiveness & to ease the pain I had . I knelt down beside him & he read James 4 vs 7, ‘Submit yourself to God & deny the devil & he shall flee from you’. He continued on with his own words for Christ to hold us up & keep us safe . 

The feeling that came over me was amazing; it was undeniable that my Father heard us & the peace I felt in that moment was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. It was a true miracle I'm so grateful for that man to have been placed in my life. It was no mistake we met.”