When did God become personal to you?

"It was spring of 1983. The storm that swept through the night before had blown down our shed. I was outside taking a look at it when a man came walking down the hill in our neighborhood

carrying a large book under his arm. He asked if he could help and invited us to church. Being a young mother I thought it would be a good idea to take my 1 year old son to church.

Little did I know it was me who God was after. As we kept going to church every week, I realized these people had something I did not. Something I had wanted all my life: someone to love me .

My parents divorced when I was just 8 years old. I grew up much faster than I should have. My dad slowly drifted out of our lives, until one day, he left completely. I didn't realize there was such a hole in my heart, until I found out that Jesus died for me. He loved me so much He laid down His life for me. That love was overwhelming and more than I deserved, but I wanted it. So, when did God become personal to me? It was the day I went forward and surrendered my life to Him. He became my Father and He filled that hole in my heart to overflowing."

-Marilyn Beagle, photo circa 1983