When has God asked you to step outside your comfort zone?

“Every Sunday, God asks me to step outside of my comfort zone. Sunday used to be my favorite day of the week. Coming to church with my husband and worshipping Jesus together, side-by-side, was one of the most beautiful parts of our marriage. When Trent passed away, every single part of my life was altered, including my times of worship.

As my grief set further into my heart, coming to church became so incredibly painful, and I pulled far away from that pain and my church. Within the past few months of returning to worship, each Sunday continues to be hard, emotional, and exhausting. My anger of not understanding His plan and disagreeing with it, seeing other husbands and wives worshipping together as we did, and dealing with massive waves of emotions in a single hour of time is difficult to return to week after week. Comfort isn’t something I feel yet, but I know it is on the horizon. God keeps pushing me weekly to return and move forward in my journey of healing.

One day, it won’t be as painful, and I can feel myself slowly beginning to release pieces of my heart and trust back into the hands of Jesus.”