Compassion means "to suffer with."

How have you been shown compassion?

“When I was 2 weeks away from the due date of our first son, my dad died of health complications that had gone on for several months. I knew his death was as inevitable as the birth of our son, and yet it didn’t make it any easier. I chose to move on and focus on raising our son and the new life that I had started as a stay at home mom. Little did I know that by not facing my father’s death and dealing with it at the time, I would be at a breaking point nearly 4 years later.

This brings me to a MOPS meeting in December 2015. I didn’t really want to be there or anywhere but home with my boys. I was miserable and dreading the holidays and the hole that had been created when my dad died. I sat and listened to others share about difficulties they face during the holidays, which included a mention of GriefShare for those who have lost loved ones, so that they may go through the grief journey. Lo and behold, I knew why I was sitting in that chair at that very moment. I was lost and looking for hope and God provided as he always does.

I found that by starting GriefShare I was able to find some wonderful people to walk beside me and help me see the light and the good again. I was so busy being a new mom that I had forgotten to grieve, and unfortunately it was negatively affecting my life. I am so grateful to have FBC in my life and the various ministries that are provided."