Our Response to COVID-19

We understand these times are challenging and recommendations are quickly changing. We're doing what we can to stay connected to those who are unable to attend our in-person worship gatherings. 

Please connect through our website, the fbcplattecity mobile app, Facebook or Instagram (FBC Platte City). If you’re struggling with the computer stuff and not able to figure it all out, call the church office. We’ll do our best to help you or find someone who can. We’ll even come to your home if that’s appropriate for you.

This is what we do- Connect people to God, each other, and the needy world. We really want to live out “For Our Neighbors.” 

It may be that God is going to use this time to teach us all what it means to be the church in our community. 

Please help us brainstorm ways we can bless each other and our neighbors. Share ideas of how we can help.

We’re all looking forward to getting back to “normal.” I am grateful to be closely connected with the Sheriff’s Emergency Management Team and the Platte County Health Department. As circumstances unfold, we will be responding in real-time.

God is not going to let a time like this go to waste as He shapes us into the image of His dear Son!

I LOVE Being Your Pastor!